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Tunisia "the Green" as we call it in Arabic, is indeed the haven of green vineyards and olive groves up north and lush oases down south. Some of the most spectacular of ancient Roman sites anywhere are to be found in the magnificent historic sites of Tunisia, though, most of this historic heritage is still unearthed. Ifriquia is the ancient name of Modern Tunisia after which the whole continent is named to become Africa. Tunisia was home of the Carthaginians, the stubborn rivals of the Romans with whom they had the longest war in human history. The Punic war lasted for over 120 years to end up with the victory of the Romans and the complete destruction of Carthage. Tunisia would not regain its prestige until the Arabs came promoting a just and equitable religion namely Islam. The Islamic civilization flourished in North Africa, Tunis became a center of learning by the creation of one of the oldest universities on earth called Azzaytouna "the olive tree".

Today, Tunisia is the most advanced and progressive nation in North Africa. People are open-minded with a great sense of hospitality to host visitors from around the globe. Islamic Heritage is a factor one has to be proud to discover its roots in the birth of an equitable civilization that never had an equal. The Islamic civilization contributed to the advance of humanity at its peak from Tunisia through Morocco to Moorish Spain. Taking an Islamic Heritage discovery tour in Tunisia is like taking a course in higher education to graduate in most sophisticated humanities or comparative religions studies.

All our group tours are conducted by qualified scholars and devoted Muslim guides. Come along as a pilgrim and return home with so much valuable bounty. Knowledge is a virtue, encounters are so enriching, visiting Tunisia is all of that and more. Join one of our tours for a most rewarding experience. We have designed these tours for all tastes and all budgets. But if you have a special interest, we can have your trip tailor-made just for you. Enjoy visiting El Djem, Tozur, the ruins of Carthage, Tunis, Djerba, Sousse, Hammamet, and much more

Travel to exploring the best of Tunisia’s impressive Islamic heritage, the important holy city of Kairouan, the wonderfully busy Medina of Tunis, and other less-visited towns, including Testour, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque Muslim white villages with Moorish Andalusian roots, Islamic architecture expressed at its best in Koranic schools and exceptional mosques.

Tunisia History and Islamic Heritage tours

Explore Tunisia’s impressive history and Islamic heritage in one of our budget tours visiting the holy city of Kairouan, the busy Medina of Tunis, and other hidden treasures, including Testour, breathtaking natural landscapes, picturesque Muslim white villages, Islamic architecture, Koranic schools and exceptional Mosques and Palaces.

Tunisia Islamic Heritage Tour

Tunisia Islamic Heritage Tour

Tunisia History and Islamic heritage is a complete tour itinerary for savvy travelers and pioneers.



Tunisia Islamic Heritage Tour

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