Group Tours to Spain and Morocco

Travel is the only investment with a guaranteed return. Cross Cultural Services is devoted to take your Travel investment very seriously. We are a tour operator specializing in cultural, Islamic pre-organized, packaged tours to Spain and Morocco among other destinations in the region. Besides our scheduled group tours for 2022 and 2023, we also offer private tours to Spain and Morocco to Muslim travelers from around the world.

Toledo, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, and Ronda in Spain will definitely remind you of the Islamic Civilization and its Spiritual and intellectual contribution to human development in general and to sciences in particular. Tangier, Rabat, Meknes, Rabat Fes, Marrakech, and Sijilmassa will recall the glory of sumptuous Palaces, original universities and Koranic schools of an old era when the modern world of today was still in the dark ages. When traveling from Spain to Morocco's Islamic Cities, Berber Villages, desert valleys and oases, Valley of Roses, Merzouga's Sahara Erg Chebbi Dunes or visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Benhaddou, the blue city of Chefchaouen or the exotic Casablanca, and Art Deco center of the world, you will understand what made Morocco an interesting and unique travel destination for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The land of unsurpassed beauty with hospitable people evoke every guest a memorable experience! The diversity and beauty of landscapes in Spain and Morocco have inspired us to create packaged group tours and private tailored tours that live up to all your expectations with diverse interests and to all budgets. Some of these unique cultural, spiritual and active tours are listed on our website, for many other overland adventure itineraries, please contact us for more active eco and green sustainable tours to Spain and Morocco. Short trips or long expeditions reserved for the independent travelers, we have a special team to customize a private trip made for you only that would be up to your total satisfaction. We will work with your interest and budget to guarantee you the best tailored tours to Spain and Morocco. Our overland tours to Spain and Morocco are all sustainable to our local communities an eco friendly to our nature preservation, totally responsible Travel for groups and private journeys. You will be traveling with a responsible tour operator eager to act as an Abassador for cultures of the world to explore and discover the beauty and realm of Moorish culture preserved in Spain and Morocco. Join us on one of Cross-cultural active group tours to enjoy the zest of life and hidden treasures of Spain and Morocco Best trips hiking and trekking The Atlas Mountains, The Sahara Desert and ancient cities you have always dreamt to visit and explore. Our team consist of well-trained natives guides and tour leaders eager to share with you the genuine hospitality, their heritage with pride and moments you will treasure for a lifetime. Enjoy the best tours to Morocco and Spain at the best rates, guaranteed for groups and private tours. Our commitment is to make any of your Spain and Morocco tours a lifetime experience to treasure forever.

After working in tours industry for many years in Spain and Morocco, Mr. Hamid Mernissi was inspired in 1998 to create a travel agency that offers unique, tailor-made cultural tours and Islamic customized trips to Morocco and Spain travelers who are seeking to discover the Moorish culture and Islamic Heritage in-depth. Mr. Mernissi is an expert on Moroccan culture of Sufism "Tassawuf", an Islamic doctrine of esoteric Islamic Studies and comparative religions. He also specialized in subject of “sacred music”. Mr. Mernissi has co-produced many cultural programs at National Geographic Sounds of the planet with Jim Metzner, CDs of World Sacred Music Festival of Fez with Sounds True, Documentary on Berber Native Music with Vision TV in Canada and many other world sacred music specialists.

Morocco from Spain Short Tours

Due to the great flux of cultural tours to Spain, we offer diverse opportunities to a new trend of travelers to visit Morocco from Spain daily excursions. Our short Tours to Morocco from Spain vary from one day visit to Tangier to two days in Chefchaouen to three days tour to Fez and the surrounding, to five nights tour of ancient cities from Fez to Marrakech, even one week tour from Spain to Morocco to explore historic cities, the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert for a total Morocco discovery. Though short in time but these tours to Morocco from Spain are replete with historical discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, and direct cultural and spiritual encounters for best Morocco experience. All of theses group tours or customized private tours to Morocco from Spain are hand-picked to suit your time frame and budget. Join us for new Morocco from Spain tours for all travelers to enjoy. Spain and Morocco tours are very complementary.