Tunisia Islamic Heritage Tour

This Islamic Heritage tour of Tunisia is an in-depth cultural, spiritual, and historical introduction to this biblical destination nestled in North Africa and only a few miles from Sicilia. It is best for first-time visitors to know about ancient history, biblical events, and rivalry between two BC superpowers namely Carthage and Rome. If you love natural landscapes of perfection, archeological sites, world heritage towns, ancient history, Islamic architecture, joyful life, and hospitable people then this tour is for you. Travel in a small group escorted by knowledgeable guides who can offer an open chest of knowledge hidden in this unique destination. Tunisia, a land endowed by the unsurpassed beauty God has bestowed on it is today at the tip of your fingers to explore and enjoy. We have worked hard to hand-pick sites for you in the most comfortable way of travel, time-efficient, and within your budget. Enjoy every minute of this Islamic trip to Tunisia. It is indeed an active spiritual trip, a study tour, and at the same time a leisure vacation to treasure for a lifetime. We also offer fun encounters with Tunisian musicians for music lovers and special Sufi retreats for spiritual seekers.


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Once you land at Tunis Airport, you will meet your tour leader who will transfer you to your hotel. The remainder of the day will be at leisure to relax and acclimate. Dinner Halal will be at the hotel

After breakfast, you will meet your local guide for a monumental visit to Carthage. This ancient metropolis established by the Phoenicians as a port of trade around 800 BC, the city rapidly became the regional dominating trade outpost, challenging Rome as the leading civilization of the day. Inevitably they clashed and went to the longest conflict in human history called the Punic war that lasted one hundred and twenty years. with the legendary Hannibal bringing Roman power to the verge of collapse, but it was all in vain with Carthage destroyed in 146 BC. After Dhuhr prayer and a break for lunch in a Halal restaurant, our tour continues to explore the thought-provoking Carthaginian necropolis and the impressive merchant and naval harbors which propelled Carthage to greatness. Roman civil engineering was staggering and is incredibly evident in the Malga aqueduct and massive water storage system which unbelievably supplied piped water to 300,000 people. After this is the extraordinary Antonine Bath complex, the world’s third largest, with a gorgeous Mediterranean backdrop.

Next, we will proceed to Sidi Boussaid a delightful “Blue and White” village so reminiscent of Spain’s Golden age under Islamic banner with Moorish architecture consisting of tiled, arched buildings, fine stucco work, and winding alleys. In the end, we visit the outstanding Bardo Museum and its unrivaled collection of 600 Roman mosaics, some of them almost the size of a building. They are the world's finest and the evident master craftsmen’s exquisite skill creating these spectacular scenes leaves in an awe. Also displayed is astonishing gold and silver artifacts recovered from Carthaginian digs. Return to your Hotel for a Halal Dinner and a good night sleep.

This morning we enjoy a tour of historic Tunis, for four hundred years the Islamic world’s richest city. Commencing in the graceful tree-lined Government Square, famed for its grandiose colonnaded buildings, we are then immersed in the sights, sounds, and scents of the labyrinthine Medina. At its heart, the 9th-century Zitouna Mosque/university, a center of Islamic knowledge and a school of thoughts; its classic structure includes 160 Carthaginian columns and its exquisite nine gates. Walk in the medieval steps of traditional markets rambling through the maze of narrow streets and blind alleys, offering everything from hand-woven garments and a myriad of olives to exotic spices in a dazzling array of colors and scents. Another highlight is the old slave market, now dedicated to goldsmiths of high artistry, punctuated by characteristic cafés where locals watch the world go by over ornate shisha pipes.

You guide will also take you on an excursion to the cathedral of nature into the countryside dotted by the odd shepherd, to discover the hidden treasure of the extraordinary Roman city of Dougga. Gradually it appears with its remoteness ensuring simple houses still exist with substructures and water systems largely intact, affording an excellent impression of Roman life. Temples tower over the surrounding streets and you can sit in the wonderfully preserved theatre almost sensing the imaginary drama! After Maghrib Salat, we will retreat to our hotel for a Halal dinner and accommodation.

Kairouan was regarded as Islam’s fourth holiest city after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem and offers a tantalizing glimpse of an older world just about drawn into the 21st century. At its heart is the Sidi Uqba Mosque, Africa’s oldest and the precursor of all mosques in the western Islamic world. The re-use of Roman columns and fascinating juxtaposition of symbols from Christianity and Judaism is dominated by the world’s oldest minaret, whilst in the Prayer Hall, pillars of still-shining Carthaginian marble support 17 aisles of a magnificent interior.

More treasures of this remarkable city follow, including the amazing 9th century Aghlabid water cisterns, still used, horse-powered and a true glimpse into the medieval world.

We take the short drive to the old city of Hammamet staying two nights at the hotel just a short walk along the beach from the original fishing village well away from the new town, beside the calm, blue Mediterranean. We dine in the hotel’s superior restaurant.

After breakfast, we will take on an excursion to visit the second city of Roman Africa El Jem, whose magnificent amphitheater, the third largest ever built in Roman history. It is one of the world’s most remarkably intact ancient structures. Most of the internal supporting structure remains and is far better preserved than Rome’s Colosseum on which it was modeled.

Our tour guide will give you a superb insight into the imperial engineer’s complex construction techniques and the gore and glory of the spectacles which took place here. From the terraces you can imagine the gladiator’s plight, a baying crowd determining his fate. Indeed this very scene was enacted during the making of the film Gladiator, and many other biblical scenes in numerous film productions.

We will visit some Islamic monuments as well then retreat to the hotel. The afternoon is free to relax, perhaps take a stroll along the beach to Hammamet’s wonderfully atmospheric old Medina for more Islamic culture or simply shop in these colorful souks.

Today is at your leisure to do what you wish or explore your way. Today could be a great day for shoppers.

Today you will return to the airport at the appropriate time for your return flight.



  • Six night accommodation in 4 star hotels
  • Land Transportation in a Deluxe Van
  • Breakfast and Dinner daily
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums
  • Multi Lingual Tour Manager and local guides
  • Hotel Taxes and Baggage handling


  • Tunis: Hotel Belvedere Fourati, 3 nights
  • Hammamet: Hotel El Mouradi Menzah, 3 nights