Morocco Group Tours and Customized Retreats

Join one of our Morocco group tours, cultural, and spiritual retreats if you wish to visit a Muslim country with enticing culture, history, breathtaking natural landscapes, and wonderful cuisine. Morocco, an exotic and majestic Islamic country, is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, making it a great Muslim travel destination for your upcoming spiritual and cultural vacations. We have reserved diverse fixed departures for small groups or private customized trips throughout the year. Morocco is a destination like no other on earth, offering cultural and spiritual tours designed for travelers seeking more than just everyday ordinary tourism—providing in-depth cultural encounters.

Immerse yourself in Moroccan Sufi Culture as you experience the amazing Islamic sights and unique landscapes of this beautiful and hospitable destination. On all of our Morocco Muslim tours, whether group or private, you will be treated to local Sufi music, Halal cooking classes, African drumming workshops, walking spiritual visits, traditional and cultural festivals, Sufi retreats, and celebrations in the Maqams of eminent Sufi Masters. Additionally, enjoy mint-tea ceremonies hosted by Moroccan families, and the opportunity to meet and mingle with locals. Contact us to book a small group pre-arranged tour or call on us to customize a private Morocco tour just for you, satisfying your specific time frame. Our Morocco customized tours can cater to luxury first-class travel or budget preferences.

Morocco, a Muslim destination renowned for its unsurpassed natural beauty, including the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, offers active travelers and visitors a unique experience. Discover the country's rich array of cultural and spiritual aspects, which differ significantly from anything you may have encountered in your group travel experiences. Morocco is characterized by an unparalleled affinity for hospitality and friendliness that surpasses cultural expectations.

Our extraordinary Islamic tours to Morocco showcase the reality and beauty of this destination, providing Morocco group tours and customized cultural trips for all. When one thinks of Islamic centers of knowledge, Islamic architecture, arts and crafts, and cultural encounters – not to mention high mountains and vast deserts – Morocco should immediately come to mind. It offers some of the most impressive mountain and Sahara desert hiking and trekking experiences for spiritual and active travelers. Join our small group tours or request a completely customized tour for yourself.

Additionally, Morocco's indigenous population groups, including Berbers, Moors, Bedouins, Tuaregs, and Haratines, offer thought-provoking insights into ancient cultures that remarkably differ from our own today. Their perspectives on nature, environment, and the ecosystem, bestowed upon Moroccans by God for a good life filled with responsible duties to nature and all creatures, provide a unique opportunity for reflection. Being spiritual is synonymous with being a naturalist and a respectful environmentalist, ensuring the wellbeing of an ecosystem for all.

Morocco's ethnic groups, particularly those residing in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, are renowned for their hospitality and have long captivated active explorers and cultural travelers alike. These groups represent ancient cultures that have remained unchanged by the passage of time. Our cultural and adventure tours in Morocco are customized by native Berber experts who lead numerous expeditions across the country. Our well-trained guides are committed to providing you with the services you deserve during your journey while upholding their responsibility to sustain the natural surroundings, environment, and local communities. Cross Cultural Services guides enhance your overland active travel experience through these lesser-known regions, offering a cultural, spiritual, and adventurous journey to cherish for a lifetime.

Cross Cultural Services provides a wide range of overland, active, adventure, and cultural tours to Morocco, catering to both small groups and private tailored trips. Specializing in Muslim and spiritual journeys, we cover sacred regions unique to Morocco, such as Fez, the City of Islam, Marrakech, the city of 'the Seven Saints' including Moulay Idriss Zehoune, Meknes, and the surrounding Valley of Saints. Our spiritual, cultural, and active tours to Morocco, whether with a group or customized private trips, you will explore unique vistas by hiking and trekking through mountains and valleys adorned with lush oases and unique rock formations like Jbel Seghro, Toubkal heights among Berber cliff-hanging villages, and enchanting groves filled with almonds, saffron crocuses, and date groves straight from Heaven.

On these hand-picked Morocco customized tours, you'll also discover the picturesque plateaus of the Rif Mountains, blooming wadis, oases, and palm groves, alongside the voluptuous sand dunes and Bedouin tents of the Sahara Desert's nomadic cultures, whether joining our small groups or embarking on cultural customized tours. We invite you to share an overland adventure and Morocco group experience that only a Moroccan insider can offer in the realm of a Morocco customized discovery. Travel throughout Morocco overland in 4x4s, from a coastline bathed in Mediterranean breezes to exploring ancient Roman ruins in Northern Morocco, walking with your group or riding your camel in the Sahara, and over the dunes through oases and kasbahs.

Explore Berber villages and otherworldly valleys with a small group of active and cultural travelers like yourself. Take an easy hiking tour near the snow-capped Atlas mountains and shop in bustling, ancient souks and markets. At Cross Cultural Services, we offer Morocco pre-packaged group tours or private customized trips for individuals and family travel, catering to all types of active outdoor travelers from around the world. We specialize in spiritual and cultural Morocco tours based on historic sites and daily cultural activities throughout Morocco. Additionally, our specialty extends to adventure active tours for outdoor enthusiasts, providing Morocco trekking and hiking tour packages for groups or customized itineraries. Our Morocco spiritual discovery halal tours also offer respectful and rewarding cultural trips for Muslim travelers globally.

Our Morocco Islamic tours are fully escorted by well-versed guides and Muslim tour escorts, helping you discover the layers of spiritual and self-growth culture in Morocco. Cross Cultural Services and Tours are widely recognized in the travel market as one of the best FITs (Fully Independent Travelers) Morocco customized tours, tailored to the special interests of independent travelers and private parties. We guarantee scheduled departures for small groups and offer the best prices for all our Morocco customized tours. Explore our combination of Spain and Morocco small group tours, as well as our short tours from Spain to Morocco with daily departures. You're bound to fall in love with Morocco.

Morocco Halal Tours

We have meticulously selected these Morocco customized Halal tours and Islamic journeys to cater to all your requirements, providing the best accommodation and services for Muslim Travelers within your budget and time frame. Whether you choose our small group packaged tours or opt for private tailored itineraries, we ensure a memorable and fulfilling experience during your visit to Morocco.

Morocco Islamic Monument

Morocco Islamic Cities Tour

Culture, history, and architecture tours of Morocco's ancient Islamic cities your budget can afford.

Morocco Overland Adventure Trip

Morocco Overland Adventure Tour

Morocco small group tours for active travelers. Budget overland adventure expeditions hiking and trekking in Morocco

Marrakech Islamic School

Morocco Sacred Journey

Spiritual Journey and Sufi retreats in Morocco with eminent scholars. Dance to Sacred Music.

Fes Festival of Sufi Culture

Morocco Sufi Music Tour

This is a cultural Morocco music group tour. Welcome to our Morocco Sufi tours and retreats in 2022/2023 for small groups and private parties.

Fez Festival of Sufi Culture

Fez Festival of Sufi Culture 2024

Fez Sufi Festival 2024. It is the best learning journey about Sufi Culture in Morocco.

Taroudant Muslim Mosque

Morocco Luxury Tour

An in-depth luxury tour of Morocco, visiting Fez, Marrakech, and Taroudant in private or group tour.



Morocco Islamic Cities Tour

Casablanca - Casablanca
7 Days $1465
USD $1391
5% View

Morocco Overland Adventure Tour

Marrakech - Marrakech
6 Days $1485
USD $1440
3% View

Morocco Sacred Journey

Marrakech - Fes
10 Days $1885
USD $1790
5% View

Morocco Sufi Music Tour

Volubilis - Marrakech
11 Days $2665
USD $2585
3% View

Fez Festival of Sufi Culture 2024

Casablanca - Marrakech
10 Days $2685
USD $2550
5% View

Morocco Luxury Tour

Rabat - Agadir
10 Days $3275
USD $3176
3% View