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Welcome to our Spain tours with a Moorish flavor and Islamic emphasis. Explore our inventory of tours to Spain, tailored for small groups and private travel. Our tours are crafted for cultural encounters in depth, delving into Moorish history, Islamic architecture, the diversity of breathtaking landscapes, and, of course, the rich culture of the Spanish people

In the late 8th century, Europe witnessed one of its most significant periods of cultural and spiritual enlightenment. Over eight hundred years of Islamic presence in Spain, Muslims, Jews, and Christians coexisted and thrived, fostering a vibrant interfaith community that gave rise to a multicultural civilization. Historians label this period as the era of coexistence and tolerance, reaching the pinnacle of universal human civilization, still celebrated by Spaniards today as 'la convivencia

This era in Spain cultivated an environment where scholars and thinkers of various faiths collaborated, working side by side to share collective knowledge for the benefit of all mankind. Their contributions left a lasting impact in areas such as poetry, art, architecture, music, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, algebra, navigation, textiles, culinary arts, and even technologies that continue to shape the world we live in today. Initially flourishing in Muslim Spain, or more aptly put, under the influence of the Moors of Spain as historians and travelers have referred to them throughout time.

Today, over two million Muslims coexist in Spain alongside their fellow Christians in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect. The Muslim community has established infrastructure to accommodate the religious norms, with mosques and designated prayer spaces, halal markets, and restaurants offering a range of staples unique to this destination. It's important to note that while the country is welcoming to Islamic practices, the local custom does not typically involve public prayer in streets or open spaces. Sensitivity to others' perspectives is key, considering Spain's separation of religion from politics and law. While there is no inherent bias against Islam, it's generally not well-received to engage in public prayer, whether Christian or Muslim, in locations other than dedicated religious spaces such as temples or mosques.

Cross-cultural Services as a specialized tour operator is offering Islamic tour packages to Spain like none can do. Our Muslim heritage tours, journeys, and trips to Spain are hand-picked to take Muslim visitors through an engaging, insightful journey into this important period in world history. Enjoy and explore the forgotten Islamic civilization of Spain guided by local Spanish Muslims well trained Tour guides in 2024/2025. If you prefer private tours to Spain, please contact for a customized trip just for you.

Explore our meticulously crafted Spain halal tours, designed with great care to provide you with a customized and unparalleled experience in Spain. Cross-Cultural Services specializes in offering Islamic tours that are entirely halal, catering to diverse travelers from around the world. Our Muslim tours in Spain are thoughtfully curated, encompassing historic sites, halal daily life activities, adventure-packed tour packages for Islamic explorers, and nature enthusiasts looking for an immersive cultural and spiritual experience. Whether you're interested in pre-packaged group tours or private trips, we have you covered. Additionally, we organize scheduled Sufi retreats in various spiritual sites across Spain.

Our group tours of Spain are meticulously planned to offer respectful and rewarding itineraries for Muslim travelers worldwide. These halal travel experiences are guided by well-versed Muslim guides and tour managers. Cross-Cultural Services has earned a reputation in the halal travel market as one of the best providers of FITs (Fully Independent Travelers) customized tours to Spain, catering to independent travelers and private families. Discover Spain's major cities with Moorish heritage, including Toledo, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, the Malaga mountains, white villages, and the natural beauty of Spain's most scenic national parks. Our tours are meticulously planned to optimize both time and budget, ensuring the best rates guaranteed. Embark on a Spain tour tailored just for you in 2024/2025.

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Each of our Islamic tours in Spain is carefully handpicked and curated to fulfill all your needs, providing the finest accommodation and services for your Muslim vacation within your budget and time constraints. Discover the Kingdom of Beauty, Spain, during your visit in 2024/2025.

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