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Welcome to our Spain tours with Moorish flavor and Islamic emphasis. An inventory of tours to Spain customized for small groups and private travel. Our tours to Spain are based on cultural encounters in depth, Moorish history and Islamic architecture, the diversity of breathtaking landscapes, not to forget the Spanish people.

One should ask, what Spain could have been without Islamic culture and history? In a late 8th century, Europe experienced one of its greatest periods of cultural and spiritual enlightenment. Over eight hundred years of Islamic presence in Spain, Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together and prospered in a thriving interfaith resulting in a multi-cultural civilization. An era historians refer to as the era of co-existence and tolerance which reached the apogee of universal mankind civilization, even Spaniards today still celebrate it as "la convivencia". This era in Spain has created an atmosphere where remarkable scholars and thinkers of different faiths to work side by side and share at no discretion collective knowledge in the benefit of all mankind that evoked lasting contributions in such areas as poetry, art, architecture, music, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, algebra, navigation, textiles, culinary and even technologies that have shaped the world we live in today. Initially, this civilization flourished in Muslim Spain or in better words the influence of the Moors of Spain as they are referred to by historians and travelers of all times.

Today over two million Muslims in Spain live side by side with their fellow Christians in harmony and mutual respect. The Muslim community respects as well the norms of prayers and has it infrastructure well set for visitors of the Islamic faith. You will find mosques and places set for prayers, halal markets, and restaurant to enjoy all staples unique to this destination. However, people here are not used to see people praying in streets and public places. One has to be sensitive to others perspectives. Bearing in mind that Spain as a country that had separated the religion from the politics and law, we can see that is nothing against Islam, but in general is not well seen to pray (Christian or Muslim) in a place which is not a temple (church, mosque, etc).

Cross-cultural Services as a specialized tour operator is offering Islamic tour packages to Spain like none can do. Our Muslim heritage tours, journeys, and trips to Spain are hand-picked to take Muslim visitors through an engaging, insightful journey into this important period in world history. Enjoy and explore the forgotten Islamic civilization of Spain guided by local Spanish Muslims well trained Tour guides in 2022/2023. If you prefer private tours to Spain, please contact for a customized trip just for you.

Our Spain halal tours are tailored with great care to offer you the best Spain experience made just for you. At Cross-Cultural Services, we offer Islamic tours totally halal in Spain for all types of travelers from around the world. However, we do offer Muslim tours based on historic sites and daily life halal activities throughout Spain, adventure active tour packages for Islamic explorers as well as just nature enthusiast who can take a walk in the park can enjoy our in-depth cultural and spiritual trips based on historical discoveries for pre-packaged group tours and private trips. We also offer scheduled Sufi retreats in diverse spiritual sites of Spain. Our group tours of Spain are also supplied in most respectful and rewarding itineraries for Muslim travelers from around the globe, these Muslim tours are totally halal travel escorted by well versed Muslim guides and tour managers. Cross-cultural Services are well known in the halal travel market as one of the best FITs customized tours to Spain for independent travelers and private families. These Spain Muslim tours visiting major cities of Moorish heritage, such as Toledo, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, the Malaga mountains, white villages, natural life in most beautiful national parks Spain has to offer are well studied in time-consuming and budget wise. Best rates are guaranteed. Spain tours just for you in 2022/2023.

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All our Spain Islamic tours are handpicked and selected to meet all your requirements offering the best accommodation and services for Muslim vacation to meet your budget and time frame visiting Spain in 2022/2023. Spain, the Kingdom of Beauty.

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South of Spain Muslim Tour

Andalusia South of Spain Muslim Heritage Tour scholarly implemented for savvy travelers

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Spain Islamic Heritage Tour

An in-depth Islamic Heritage tour to Spain priced budget with a small group for 2022 and 2023.

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A special study tour exhibiting Islamic History shared between Moorish cultures. Spain and Morocco tours at best.



South of Spain Muslim Tour

Malaga - Malaga
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Spain Islamic Heritage Tour

Madrid - Madrid
12 Days $2685
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Spain and Morocco Islamic Tour

Casablanca - Madrid
10 Days $3685
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