South of Spain Muslim Tour

A small group tour to Spain not to miss. Al Andalous is the old name Muslims have given to the whole Iberian Peninsula. Today Andalusia is the southernmost territory of Spain; and the part of the Iberian Peninsula that is most quintessentially Moorish with Islamic legendary history and culture. Although some see it as the popular image of Spain, a land of good lively ambiance, tapas, great food, flamenco music, and dance, ruined castles, and sumptuous palaces. Muslim visitors, in fact, see it as the cradle of a great place where Islam once thrived to bring an unprecedented civilization that shaped Europe and the western mind. A civilization of pioneers in all sciences and humanities, all under the umbrella of inclusive schools of thought where the Christians Jews and Muslims lived to thrive as great human beings sharing knowledge. It was an era of mutual respect for higher achievements, an era Muslims and non-Muslims are still reminiscent of as the era of “Convevencia” Coexistence. The eight hundred years of Muslim rule in most western empires have left lasting imprints that you can still see today not only in Muslim monuments and historic sites but in the ritual and beliefs of its people. Like their ancestors before, they have a great appreciation for the arts and respect for beauty, more importantly, an everlasting zest for life. Fundamental ethics of Islam…

This one-week Muslim tour of Andalusia south of Spain is not only to show the remnants of Islam here but also the daily life and overall reality of a small Muslim community that still exists here. I would not say it is only holding to a nostalgic time, but organically thriving. Come and join us on this Islamic tour of Andalusia, South of Spain. You will fall in love with Spain


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Arrive in Malaga, the provincial capital of Andalucia where you will find us at the airport to welcome you for this Muslim heritage tour in Southern Spain. Known as the Gateway to the Costa del Sol the city of Malaga is full of splendid coastlines and alive with the essence of active harbor life. The morning is to relax and acclimate. The remainder of the day will be spent exploring the scenic sites of Malaga. We will end our monumental city tour at the Mosque for Maghrib Salaat. For dinner, your local native guide will escort you to one of our Halal restaurants.

Leave for Granada from Malaga in the morning. Across the Sierra Nevada Spain’s highest mountains that provide the backdrop for this city. Granada holds the monumental Muslim landmark Alhambra palace, Sublime Islamic architecture and unrivaled irrigation system by Moorish aqua docks for its Generalife Gardens. You will also visit the old Moorish quarter of Albaicin unique in its history as the last outpost of Muslim Spain and the holder of many Christian monuments, including the tombs of King Fernando and Queen Isabel. After Maghrib Salat we will stroll at the Baicine old Moorish quarter facing the kingly Palace of Alhambra. After Ishaa Salat we will go for Dinner at a Halal restaurant.

Visiting Spain is visiting Granada. Your tour to Spain will not be complete with this historical landmark. You will meet your guide in the morning will be spent visiting Muslim highlights with a visit to the great mosque of Granada, the Baicin Moorish quarter and the Cathedral. Break for lunch then walk to Alhambra Palace. The full afternoon will be devoted to Alhambra Palace and the famous Generalife Gardens. Dinner will be at the Halal restaurant.

Your small group tour will arrive in Cordoba in the morning, Andalucia’s most northern province. One of its many treasures is the Mezquita, a mosque of exquisite beauty and unrivaled Moorish architecture, built a little over twelve centuries ago. Our visit starts at the bridge of Mussa ibn Nusair Torre de la Calahorra then progresses strolling to the old city of la Juderia then ends it at the legendary mosque of the Khalif Abderrahman Addakhil founder of Moorish Spain and the first Umayyad Monarch. As you walk through this city, pay special attention to the wide, lavish patios of Moorish heritage to enjoy a sophisticated architecture designed to stimulate without being ostentatious. Depart in the afternoon from Cordoba to Sevilla. Visit on the way the ruins of Imperial Al Medina Azahar. Continue on to Sevilla. This luminous city, that is immediately captivating, possesses an aura of happiness any visitor can easily detect.

Undeniably, for the connoisseur, it is Spain’s most beautiful metropolis. Sevilla earned the reputation of a place to enjoy the potency of life. The lively streets of this enticing city manifest the realm of Spanish life from within, and one can’t help but become Spanish. The traditional theatrical exhibitions you will encounter in basically every square are indeed an art form unique to Sevilla. Dinner will be in a Halal restaurant for Muslim travelers on this tour spiritual tour to Spain.

After breakfast, your local guide for your private small group tour to Spain will take you on a monumental visit to Sevilla. This is the most beautiful esthetically and most lively city in Spain. Your visit will cover the sights and sounds of Sevilla's historical landmarks. From the Roman site of Italica to the striking Museo de Bellas Artes, the Alcazar Palace, the Tower of Torre del Oro, not to miss of course the one and only Giralda still proudly standing overlooking the Guadalquivir to witness the glory of Moorish civilization. Discover which of Sevilla’s glorious monuments would be your favorite. A stroll in horse carriages will be devoted to visiting the Casa de Espana and the gardens of Queen Louisa la Loca. Dinner will be at a Halal restaurant for Muslim Travelers.

Travel in the morning along la Ruta del Toro known for its best Andalusian white villages southern style of architecture that exhibits the emblem of Spanish culture, history, and style. We will cross down south to Cadiz a vibrant city with an Atlantic aura different than any town on the Mediterranean. Cadiz is surrounded by small fisherman villages with Moorish architecture. Across the Malaga Mountains to Ronda, we will visit small villages where an Islamic influence is still roaming. The cleanness of their rooftops in titanium white, windows rimmed in aquamarine blue, streets so clean you can walk barefoot in them, geranium red welcomes you in every door are all symbols of an old Islamic tradition. Ronda is a timeless city, a totally unique Andalusian jewel nestled in these mountains with ancient origins and one important emblem of typical Moorish pueblo Blancos (white villages) in Spain. Cobblestone alleys, beautiful churches, some were mosques in Islamic time, enthralling whitewashed buildings are all waiting to be explored, not to mention of a typical Moorish cuisine unique to this region. There is a small mosque that will host our prayers built for the local small Muslim Community. Dinner will take place in a Halal dinner. Ronda could be the highlight of this cultural tour to Spain

Most of the day is devoted to visiting the highlights of Ronda then travel to Marbella, where we will have lunch and pray Asr then take off to Torremolinos for Ishae prayer then dinner in a Muslim restaurant.

Morning flight from Malaga airport to connect to your destination.



  • Seven night accommodation in 4-star hotels
  • Halal Breakfast daily
  • Land Transportation in a Deluxe Van
  • Hotel Taxes and Baggage handling
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums


  • Malaga: Hotel Las Vegas, 2 nights
  • Granada: Hotel Navas, 2 nights
  • Cordoba: Hotel Averroes, 1 night
  • Sevilla: Hotel Virgen de los Reyes, 1 night
  • Ronda: Hotel Los Moros, 1 night