Morocco from Spain Five Days Cultural Group Tour

You are about to embark on a great discovery vacation, a Five Days Group Tour to Morocco from Spain. It is indeed a great introduction to Morocco’s most captivating qualities of exotic landscapes and breathtaking architecture visiting its Majestic Imperial cities. With a powerful history, thousands of years old, exceptional cultural and social, and architectural diversity in immeasurable intellectual depth, you will enjoy your dream vacation from Spain to Morocco on this group tour. Traveling in a small group to Morocco from Spain with best guides to explore an exotic destination with a distinctive nature that enriches all who experience it.

If you have only 5 days to spend in Morocco, this is the best budget group tour to Morocco from Spain for you to explore the history, architecture, nature, culture, and cuisine of this enticing destination. We will take you on a lifetime 5 days trip around ancient cities, Berber villages, and lively markets at a smooth pace to enjoy every minute of your vacation from Spain to Morocco. You will visit Rabat, Meknes, Volubilis, Fez, then the Atlas Mountains which lead to the best man-made oasis on earth, namely Marrakech. All our small group tours to Morocco from Spain are guaranteed departures starting in Tangier. This 5 days tour to Morocco from Spain will take you on a journey you will treasure for a lifetime with a small group of travelers like yourself. Come and join us in the spirit to explore the marvels of Morocco in this 5 days tour like an insider. We have reserved a special discount for you if you book this tour early. Do not forget to bring your camera and yourself of course on this Morocco nature and culture tour. We are all at your disposal to enjoy the best tour to Morocco. This Morocco group tour is available in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, not frequently available in December, January, and February due to ferry departures.


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Once you dock at Tangier Port for your five days tour from Spain, you will meet your tour manager and driver to begin your journey to Fez, stopping along the way at various noteworthy places. Our staff will take you to visit Volubilis first. Volubilis was an important city in the imperial Roman department of Mauritania (modern-day Morocco) during the reign of Caracalla. Volubilis is impressively well preserved and the genius of Roman urbanism is still intact. A local guide will take to the site and give the best a most informative tour. The two central integral streets in every Roman castrum, the Cardo, and Decumanus, are prominent. The cardo is the boulevard which runs north-south and the Decumanus, east-west. The intersection of the two is the heart of every Roman city. There you will find the ruins of the ancient forum.

Just on the next hill, you will cross the valley of Zerhoun to the venerated citadel of Moulay Idris, founded in the 8th century by Moulay Idriss Al Akbar, grandson of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w.s). This citadel is considered to be both the cradle of Sufism to Moroccan society as well as the first Islamic capital for the premier Arab dynasty. The town is an emblem of Moorish architecture and ambiance. Lunch will be in its medieval open square to be introduced to small eateries and local tasty Moroccan cuisine.

You will reach Fez in the afternoon. Fez is indeed the center of Moroccan intellect and prestige. This ninth-century Medina of Fez is a piece of preserved Moroccan history that still lives the medieval existence of yesteryear. Your local guide will give you an introduction to this world heritage city by UNESCO. You will visit the sights on the outside of the ancient walled Medina, including the ramparts, the gates, and the Borjs (Moorish Forts). After this introductory aperitif to Fez, you will dine in your hotel and prepare for tomorrow's walking tour of the Medina of Fez!

Unique and undeniably fascinating, Fez stimulates the senses with its lively sounds, visual splendor, and evocative smells. The most ancient of the imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city proud of its glorious history and artistic sophistication.

Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the unsurpassed skills of the Moroccan artisan, providing crafted goods of superb quality. Your morning will be spent visiting the Medina. Our specialized guide for this 5 days tour from Spain will take you on a historic discovery of the city of Fez starting at the King’s Palace and its Meshwar with ramparts and majestic gates. You will also explore the Jewish quarter, the 15th-century citadel with all its Moorish maze architecture and medieval glory. Visits to Sephardic synagogues and mausoleums of holy Rabbis will be the highlights of this part of town.

Then, we will drive to the Merinides hill to visit their necropolis. Here you will enjoy the best panoramic view of the old walled Medina, brimful with its countless minarets to call for the prayers in a city that has responded to these calls for 12 centuries. Drive down the hills to the gate of Bab Guissa to leave your vehicle and enter an ancient world. Fez has preserved its Medina as it was centuries ago. Not even a bicycle is able to be used as a tool for transportation. Only donkeys, mules and horses are able to help to move all that the city produces and needs as supplies.

The first guilds you will immediately encounter are the cobblers, the saddlers, and blacksmiths interlaced by some caravansaries for tribesmen who come from the surrounding areas to trade and supply their needs. Spend the full day exploring the marvels of the old city of Fez. You will return to your Riad for dinner and a night of good night's sleep.

After breakfast, we will travel to Marrakech visiting rural environs of the Atlas Mountains’ Berber villages, wards, and nomadic settlements. Covered with evergreen pines, tall cedar trees, and poplars, and laced with flowing streams, your first view of the Middle Atlas will appear oddly un-Moroccan. Passing by Imouzzer, with a quick stop at the Swiss-like town of Ifrane, you will soon come across the first real town of the Middle Atlas, Azrou. To gain time we will deviate to the high way and proceed to Marrakech.

After lunch, your tour from Spain proceeds on. You will descend the Atlas Mountains finally arriving in the foothills which overlook the magnificent oasis city of Marrakech Alhamra. You will conclude your day with dinner and other accommodations at your hotel.

After breakfast, your local guide of Marrakech will meet you at the lobby and take on a city historic tour. You will devote your morning to the exploration of Marrakech’s many historical sites, starting at the Menara, a magnificent pool surrounded by flowerbeds, reflecting the image of an exquisite Moorish edifice. It was constructed in 1866 for dignitaries, who enjoyed glorious sunsets with the ethereal Atlas Mountains as a backdrop. The pool also functions as an innovative irrigation system that is serving dry life in the desert.

Your tour will cover many impressive sites, including the Koutoubia Minaret (which is identical to la Giralda, a tower found in Sevilla, Spain), and the Saadian tombs, which demonstrate Moorish architecture at its best. The tombs consist of sixteenth-century mausoleums, which had lain walled-in and undiscovered until 1917. Next, you will explore the gardens of Marjorelle. Finally, you will return to your hotel for dinner and other accommodations.

In the morning, after your breakfast, you will depart for Rabat, the capital of Morocco. You will reach Rabat, a city styled in a spaciously elegant European grid, yet slightly aware of its modernity. Rabat and its twin city Sala Colonia are separated by only a river but are historically worlds apart. They have an ancient legacy that spans hundreds of generations. Each civilization that has inhabited each of the cities has left its mark, resulting in a wide variety of architectural styles, including those from the Phoenician and Roman eras.

You will spend your day discovering the delights that Rabat has to offer. Your guide will take on a historical and lively tour of this enticing city. We will not miss the walled citadel of Oudayas Kasbah, a picturesque blue city. Besides many important historic monuments, your guide will take on a walk to the renovated Medina of Rabat and souks. Stroll enjoying the colorful shops of this ancient Moorish city.

After breakfast, we will take you to visit the jewel of the Rif Mountains, the Blue city of Chefchaouen. No word could give justice to describe the beauty of this mountain city, but see it for yourself. Your local guide will be introduced to your group to give you the best tour of this picturesque city and perhaps one of the best in the Mediterranean white town. After lunch, the group will proceed to Tangier and put you on your ferry bedding you goodbye leaving you with the best Morocco experience to treasure for a lifetime. Your 5 days tour to Morocco from Spain has come to an end but we wish you will come back and visit us for a longer tour.



  • Five nights in 4 star Hotels or riads
  • Land Transportation in a Deluxe Van
  • Multi Lingual Tour Manager and local guides
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums
  • Hotel Taxes and Baggage handling


  • Fez: Riad La Perle de la Medina
  • Marrakech: Hotel El Andalous, 2 nights
  • Rabat: Hotel Chellah, 1 night