Morocco from Spain Three Days Tour

A three days tour in Morocco from Spain will offer you an experience to treasure for a lifetime. This short trip to Morocco from Spain will give you an opportunity to cross the strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa to Tangier, visit the North of Morocco Rif Mountains, ancient history in Volubilis and Moulay Idriss, and of course, the enticing city of Fez. On the last day going back to catch your ferry from Morocco to Spain, you will visit the blue city of Chefchaouen nestled in the Peaks of the Atlas Mountains and considered to be one of the best white towns on the Mediterranean. Chefchaouen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site reminiscent of a glorious era of coexistence between Spain and Morocco. This cultural 3 days tour to Morocco from Spain is a great introduction to ancient history, great Moorish architecture and vibrant medieval markets of Morocco.

On your 3 days tour in Morocco from Spain, you will meet your tour manager right after custom services to begin your tour in Tangier port who will take on a journey to Fez along the scenic route, a ceremonial ride in the footsteps of an old Roman pathway. This will lead you to Volubilis, the ancient Roman capital of Mauritania Tingitana. On the same day, you will reach Fez, the heartbeat of Morocco in every conceivable way. This 3 days short trip to explore the marvels of Morocco from Spain is always guaranteed departures with a small group of travelers like yourself. Enjoy your three days vacations from Spain to Morocco best for your budget. If you are an explorer or curious traveler who wishes to encounter authenticity and exoticism in one place then this in-depth cultural and historical tour of Morocco from Spain is made for you. This tour can be shortened to two days or extended to 5 Days trip upon request.


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Once you dock in Tangier Port by ferry from Tarifa to explore this Morocco from Spain three days tour, you will find us waiting for you right after custom Services holding a sign of CCS with your name on it. Your tour manager will be waiting for you to welcome you and take you directly to Fez visiting the Roman ruins of Volubilis the Spiritual City of Moulay Idriss. Volubilis is well preserved Roman city with all the characteristics of an ancient city. It is indeed an Emblem of Roman capital in the imperial Roman department of Mauritania (modern-day Morocco) during the reign of Caracalla. The two central integral streets in every Roman Castrum, the Cardo, and Decumanus are prominent. The Cardo is the boulevard which runs north-south and the Decumanus, east-west. The intersection of the two is the heart of every Roman city. There you will find the ruins of the ancient forum. You will have a site guide to give you a historical overview of the site.

Just close by you can see on the next hill a beautiful domed citadel of Moulay Idriss. It was founded in the 8th century by Moulay Idriss Al Akbar, a descendant of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w.s). This citadel is considered to be both the cradle of Sufism to Moroccan society as well as the first Islamic capital for the premier Ahlu L’bait dynasty. The city was created primarily for the Muslim indigenous population that migrated with Moulay Idris from the Middle East. We will also stop at Dhuhr prayer and enjoy a typical Moroccan lunch in the open square of the city.

you will reach the ninth century city of Fez in the afternoon. Check to your hotel then meet your local start visiting notable historic sites outside of the Medina. You will get a taste of the greatest of the Imperial Cities. You will visit the sights on the outside of the ancient walled city, including the ramparts, the gates, and the Borjs (Moorish Forts). After a good day visit of notable places on your way to Fez with your small group, you will retreat to your hotel for dinner.

After breakfast, you will meet with your excellent local guide who will take on a walking historic tour of Fez. Walk to the Medina to explore the Andalusia part of it. Undeniably fascinating, Fez, the city of Islam, stimulates the senses with its haunting yet beautiful sounds, visual splendor, and evocative aromas. The most ancient of imperial capitals and the complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city suspended in time, unfazed by the constantly evolving world outsides its walls. Though the time passages, Fez remained faithful to its medieval identity and renaissance sophistication. Visiting Fez is exploring life from another era. Your full day will be devoted to visiting the Medina ancient history with its monuments, Mosques, Fountains, archaic schools, medieval workshops, and its souks and Bazaars. Fez, of course, is a UNESCO world heritage site. You will visit and shop till you drop in a living remnant from the far past of a sub-Saharan Caravan trade outpost. Dinner will be at your riad.

After breakfast, you will proceed to your Morocco discovery to the enticing blue city of Chefchaouen. Once there you will be introduced to your local guide who will take you around the highlights of this unique city. It is a Mediterranean emblem of what could a white village. After lunch, you will be transferred to Tangier port to catch your ferry back to Spain. in the morning for a monumental visit then proceed to Tangier. Take the ferry to Tarifa with a memory of 3 days tour of Morocco to treasure for a lifetime. End of our Tour services.



  • Two nights in 4 star Hotels or riads
  • Land Transportation in a Deluxe Van
  • Multi Lingual Tour Manager and local guides
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums
  • Breakfast and Dinner daily
  • Hotel Taxes and Luggage handling


  • Fez: Riad La Perle de la Medina, 2 nights